Course Introduction

This ten-week course will teach you the metaskill of learning how to learn--often referred to as life's most important skill. By learning how to learn you’ll be able to do all of the following:

  • Keep abreast of changes in your field and ensure that your knowledge doesn’t become outdated.
  • Change careers.
  • Achieve your goals in any life area: whether it’s starting a business; improving your health; keeping your brain active as you get older; learning a new language; learning to play an instrument; and so on.

How the Course Works

Learn Any Skill Faster and Better is comprised of ten modules, spanning two phases. The first is the Planning Stage--which is covered in the first five modules of the course. The second is the Execution Stage, which is covered in the last five modules.

Each module lasts for a week and consists of five sections. Each section comes with a video that lasts between ten and fifteen minutes, a transcript of the video, and one or more worksheets that will help you to complete the assignment of the day.

You'll be dripped a module each week for the duration of the course.

What You'll Be Learning

Learn Any Skill Faster and Better will guide you through a system for learning almost anything, faster and more effectively. But you won’t just be learning the theory of how to learn. As you go through the course, you’ll be applying what you learn to a skill of your choice, so that you’ll have learned that skill by the end of the course.

Each week will introduce a new topic, allowing you to build a system that interweaves goal setting, time management, self-regulation, and the science of better learning. With your system in place, you’ll be able to learn your chosen skill.

Here are the five modules of the Planning Stage:

  • Module One: Choose Your Skill and Craft a Project. To begin you’ll be guided through a process for choosing the skill that you’ll be learning. Then, you'll be setting a goal for what you want to be able to achieve by learning your chosen skill, and you'll make your goal actionable by crafting it into a project.
  • Module Two. Design a Learning Method. When you learn a subject in school, the teacher has designed a curriculum for you to follow. They decide what topics you'll cover, what books you'll be reading, the instructional strategy they’ll apply, and so on. When you're a self-learner, you do this for yourself, which allows you to create a curriculum that is tailored for the achievement of your chosen goal. In this module I'll show how to design your curriculum.
  • Module Three: Build a Learning System. In order to learn a skill, you have to make the time to learn it, adopt a learning habit, create the right learning environment, and choose a way to hold yourself accountable. That’s what you’ll be doing in this module.
  • Module Four: Construct a Productivity Plan. Make the most of the time that you’ll be spending learning the skill you’ve chosen by constructing a productivity plan that will allow you to overcome procrastination, stay focused, and manage your energy wisely.
  • Module Five: Chart a Self-Regulation Blueprint. To succeed in learning a new skill, you have to get your head in the game. In this module you’ll discover how to adopt the right mindset and beliefs, defeat perfectionism, overcome frustration, get over your fear of making mistakes, follow through, and more.

Next, you’ll go through the five modules of the Execution Phase.

  • Module Six. Apply Powerful Learning Tools. Learning a new skill is comprised of two different processes: learning and practicing. In this module you’ll discover how to learn effectively.
  • Module Seven. Practice the Right Way. For most people, “to practice” means to perform a skill regularly and repeatedly. However, in order to improve, you have to practice deliberately. This module will show you how.
  • Module Eight: Remember What You Learn. Your memory—both short term and long term—plays an important part in learning new skills. Fortunately, there are a number of strategies you can use to increase retention and enhance recall. In this module you’ll learn how to improve your memory and recall skills.
  • Module Nine. Take Your Learning Up a Notch. In this module you’ll discover more techniques to up your learning game.
  • Module Ten: Achieve Mastery. How far do you want to take your new skill? At the beginning of the course you chose a skill which you’re taking to the level of basic proficiency. In this module you’ll discover what to do if you want to keep going with the skill until reach your desired level of mastery.

And, of course, once the course is over you still have your bonuses to look forward to!

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